Week 4 Workshop with Anu

Hi Everyone:

I thought I would write in with an update about today’s workshop. We
were about 5 in all when we began but the group grew to 8 in a short
while. I introduced the group to Acrostic poems and Limericks and I
must say, we had great fun. After a brief intro to acrostics and
limericks, everyone was soon writing on BATS, CAT, DOG, and COWBOY –
the last being the hardest (in terms of the length of the word), but
also somehow the most fun! Here are some samples from the day:

Nikki wrote:

Climbing the curtains
Attacking the string
Tabletops and counters favorite places to be

Todd wrote:

Champion of the rodeo
Ornery and drink, he
Will shoot you.
Boisterous and loud, also an
Outstanding equestrian
You better watch out for a crazy cowboy!

Pattie wrote:


And I am saving the best for the last. Here are samples of limericks
for which only a funny first line was provided:

By Todd:

The man with a very large nose
tried, but also had no toes
He tripped when he walked
and sneezed when he talked
But “achhoo!” that’s the way life goes!

While I was travelling one day in Peru
I saw a man playing a kazoo
I said “Hey whatcha doin’?”
He yelled “I’m kazooin’
And it’s something you could be doin’ too!”

This one’s sort of wonky as far as limericks go, but it’s very touching in
its own way:

By Nikki:

I was startled one day by a hen
I choked on my pen
Fell and hit my head
And then I was dead
And they laughed at me in heaven.

More of these will be up at the exhibit, so I hope we’ll all share a
laugh with the very accomplished wits who came up with these gems.
Thanks, Alex, for a great day! And thanks Le Anne, Pattie, Lulu, Todd, Nikki,Nick, Arielle, Christy, Jordan, Nevaeh (Heaven in reverse!) and Joy Ann, and Alex for a wonderful workshop.



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