Professor Bios.

Ann Keniston

Assistant Professor
BA (Hons) (Chicago), MA (NYU), PhD (Boston)

Ann Keniston is a professor of the history and theory of poetry.  She has written Overheard Voices: Subjectivity and Address in Postmodern American Poetry. New York: Routledge Literary Criticism and Cultural Theory Series, 2006 and
The Caution of Human Gestures: Poems. Cincinnati: David Robert Books, 2005.

Anupama Mohan
Assistant Professor
BA, MA, MPhil. (U of Delhi),
PhD (U of Toronto)

Anupama Mohan is a professor of literary theory, postcolonial studies, 20th century comparative literature and Indian and Sri Lankan literatures.  She has written “Introduction to Queer Theory.” Literary Theory: Textual Applications. ed. Shormishtha Panja. New Delhi: Worldview, 2002. 119-27 and “Of women like us:’ Sappho’s Voice: Reading the Sapphic Palimpsest.” Lesbian Voices: Canada and the World. ed. Subhash Chandra. New Delhi: Allied Publishers, 2006. 73-88.

Gailmarie Pahmeier
BA (Southern Illinois University), MFA (University of Arkansas)

Gailmarie Pahmeier is a lecturer of creative writing, poetry and poetics, memoir, contemporary American literature and women’s literature.  She has written With respect for distance. 1992. Black Rock Press and What Emma loves. 1994. Black Rock Press.

Susan Palwick
Associate Professor
AB (Princeton), PhD (Yale)
Adjunct Faculty, University of Nevada School of Medicine.

Susan Palwick is a professor of creative writing (primarily fiction), genre fiction (especially science fiction and fantasy), trauma narrative, narrative medicine and medical humanities and 19th century women’s writing.  She is currently writing her fourth novel, Driving to November, which is historical fantasy set in central Nevada.

David Fenimore
Continuing Lecturer IV
BA (U Pennsylvania), MA (U Nevada, Reno)

David Fenimore is a lecturer of twentieth-century western fiction, film, and drama.  He has written “Woody Guthrie: worker’s rights and left-wing lyrics.” 2009. In: Rights and reformers. Maryland Humanities Council and “It just doesn’t pay to eat anything but government-inspected beef”: The saga of Alferd [sick] E. Packer. 2008. Western Literature Association.

Christopher Coake
Assistant Professor
BA (Ball State U), MA (Miami U of Ohio), MFA (Ohio State U)

Chris Coake is a professor of fiction, contemporary literature and film.  He has written We’re in trouble: Stories. 2005. Harcourt and His Mission. (novella). 2006. In: Murder in the rough. Mysterious Press.

Jay Udall


B.A.,  M.A (George Washington University)

Jay Udall is a lecturer of writing.  He has written Learning the Language (Bellowing Ark Press, 1997) and First Identity (Redgreene Press, 2000 along with other poems and short stories that have appeared in more than seventy-five publications.

Katherine Miller


MFA  (University of Arizona), PhD (Florida State University)

Katherine Miller is a temporary Lecturer of creative writing in the Core Writing program at the University of Nevada, Reno.


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